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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Exclusive interview with CD Proyekt RED
"We want the player to always have something interesting on the horizon when venturing through it."

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1. First of all, thanks for your time. Could you tell us who you are, and what''s your job in The Witcher 3 is?

My name is Przemek Wójcik and I’m a QA lead in CD Projekt RED Studio. My job is to lead the Quality Assurance Team on The Witcher 3. We are responsible for game quality and we are also support developers in their daily tasks.

2. What are the features that make The Witcher 3 a “Next Generation RPG”?

The hardware is the obvious next gen feature, but we think that The Witcher 3 is the next step in RPG history. For the first time in modern RPGs, it combines an engrossing, branching plotline with an open world environment. In this way we move the genre forward. We have had seen games in the past, set in an open world, but they had a simple story and decisions you made didn’t have the impact you thought they should. We had features like a story and meaningful choices, but the games were a little tunnel-like. The Witcher 3 will take what’s best of those two approaches and merge them.

So you will not only be able to explore the world freely, but your choices will have consequences affecting what happens in the storyline and the environment.

3. Please tell us about the Monster Hunting, and the role of this feature in the main storyline.

Monster Hunting is one of the activities Geralt can perform in the open world outside the main story. This will be his main source of income, as we wanted for the witcher to return to his primary profession as a monster slayer. When the locals have a problem with a beast, Geralt will first have to investigate “the crime scene”. This will allow him to track down the monster, but also give you knowledge of what you’re up against. With this information you can better prepare for the fight in the lair of the monster. Not only will you be able to know which potions or buffs are necessary, but also in the actual confrontation (if you know the anatomy of the beast) you can target specific organs to have an advantage.

4. Games with huge open world maps are often criticized by their emptiness: How do you keep an “open world 30 times larger than The Witcher 2” interesting?

We handcraft every aspect of the world as we design it – from locations to quests. We want the player to always have something interesting on the horizon when venturing through it.

The quests we prepared are also hand scripted and implemented, so this means they aren’t boring, automatically generated ones. Each quest has its own story and implications for the game world and other activities the player may perform.

5. How has the dialog system and the action/consequence mechanics evolved?

We of course improved on those aspects of the game. We put a lot of attention into improving facial animations in dialog sequences. Of course our own writing and the style of dialogs will be still there. This will feel like a CDP RED game, no doubts about it. Still the dialog system has been almost completely rebuild to be even more immersive. To have a more cinematic vibe and more natural feel. As for the choices and consequences

we stay true to our core values. And those are building an exciting adventure where every decision matters. I’d say this time we go even deeper with creating the feeling of truly being able to change the world around you.

When you feel that your choices really matter you tend to focus on the game more, dive in the world deeper and engage in the story more easily. To put it simply as always in the witcher universe gamers will be given multiple choices changing the story and the game world around them heavily.

6. Do you have a specific goal in terms of resolution and frames per second in consoles?

Our goal in terms of graphics is to achieve CG movie quality graphics and the next-gen hardware will allow this. We were designing our engine with the specs we’ll be dealing with in mind, so we can achieve this level.

7. What can you tell us about the motion and performance capture techniques used in the game?

We are using the latest mo-cap equipment and there is still a lot of work ahead of us. We are increasing the number of moves wherever it’s possible. For example we will have around 100 animated moves for Geralt in combat, while in The Witcher 2 we had only 20.

8. We've seen a huge role of connectivity in “next-gen” games like Watch Dogs or Destiny: Do you have any plans for some kind of online features for the single player, of even a multiplayer mode?

We are creating something journalists are already calling a next-gen RPG. We want to concentrate on what we are best in – telling a great non-linear story. And though we are testing many options, but we want to keep the story of Geralt undisrupted, as this is the last part of his tale.

9. Are there discarded ideas from previous games that now you are able to bring back thanks to the REDengine 3?

Currently our team is completely concentrated on The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.

10. Is there any “WOW” thing you would like to share with the fans anxious for more info?

The whole game is one great WOW. We will be unvealing many exciting, new facts – so stay tuned to our social media and webpage for more info.

I’m really excited about new graphics that are being rendered. On the other hand it’s the finale of Witcher trilogy and I’m really excited about the story that we want to tell in Witcher 3. It will be so deep and cool.

Of course the ending it’s a challenge but I think none will be disappointed.

Thank you very much, and good luck with The Witcher 3

Thanks for the interview LogiaGamer!

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